Pineapple Mint Tea

Serves: 4

Very Refreshing Drink Use Any Type of Mint if You Can't Find Pineapple Mint
   3 limes
   1/2 cup fresh pineapple mint leaves
   1/2 cup sugar
   1/2 cup water
   1 quart size tea bags
   Lots of ice

Make a simple syrup with 1/2 Cup Sugar & 1/2 Cup Water bring to boil then let cool.

Boil 1 Quart of Water Turn Off Heat then Add Tea Bag & Mint Leaves, Let Steep for 5 Minutes then remove bag & Leaves.

Juice the 3 Limes.

Add Lime Juice, Simple Syrup & Lots of Ice & Enjoy!

This recipe is brought to you by California Seed Company the Golden States Best!