Fresh Straight Out of the Garden Pickles

Serves: 4

Tangy after sitting only 30 minutes and just gets better over the next few days!

   1 large Fresh cucumber
   1 dash or 2 of 5 Blend Whole peppercorns
   1 dash dry garlic chips grated finely
   1 dash or 2 of Lawry's black pepper seasoned salt or Favorite Grilling Seasoning
   1/4 cup red wine vinegar or as much as needed to cover cucumber
   1 dash or 2 of crushed red pepper flakes

Pick a Fresh Cucumber Straight From the Garden.
Cut Stripes in the Skin of the Cucumber.
Slice and Put into a Container That is Just Big Enough to Hold the Cucumber & Sprinkle the Dry Spices on Top.
Adjust Amount of Spices to Your Own Personal Taste, Add More of the Peppercorns and Red Pepper Flakes for a Real Spicy Pickle.
Cover Slices with Red Wine Vinegar & Let Sit in the Frig for at Least 30 Minutes but it Just Gets Better &
Stronger the Longer it Sits. Keeps in the Frig for 3 or 4 Days.

Recipe by California Seed