Dinner Straight From the Garden Series

Fresh Cucumber Pickles Receipe

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Fresh Cucumber
Dry Garlic Chips Grated Finely
Lawwry's Black Pepper Seasoned Salt or Your Favorite Herb Salt Blend Grilling Seasoning

5 Pepper Blend Fresh Crushed Pepper
Red Wine Vinegar
Like Hot Stuff? Add Some Crushed Red Pepper Flakes!

Fresh Homegrown Cucumber

Pick a Fresh Cucumber Straight From the Garden. (This One Was Picked on September 20th)

Striped Cucumber

Cut Stripes in the Skin of the Cucumber.

Sprinkle the Dry Spices on Top

Slice and Put into a Container That is Just Big Enough to Hold the Cucumber & Sprinkle the Dry Spices on Top. Adjust Amount of Spices to Your Own Personal Taste, Add More of the Peppercorns and Red Pepper Flakes for a Real Spicy Pickle.

Cover Slices with Red Wine Vinegar

Cover Slices with Red Wine Vinegar & Let Sit in the Frig for at Least 30 Minutes but it Just Gets Better & Stronger the Longer it Sits. Keeps in the Frig for 3 or 4 Days.

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