Fresh Tomato Marinara Sauce

Serves: 4

Wonderful Easy Italian Marinara Sauce Made with Homegrown Tomatoes

   4 cups fresh chopped tomatoes
   2 cups chopped yellow squash
   1 large chopped red bell peppers
   1 large chopped onions
   4 cloves chopped garlic
   6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
   1 tablespoon ground oregano
   2 bay leaves
   3 sprigs Fresh rosemary
   1/4 teaspoon 5 Peppercorn Blend pepper or to taste
   3 sprigs fresh sage
   3 sprigs fresh thyme

Put All the Ingredients in a Large Glass Baking Dish. Drissel Olive Oil Over Everything &Toss Together. Bake Covered With Foil At 350 for 10 Min.

Remove Foil, Toss to Mix Well (Only Use Wood or Plastic Utensils with Acidy Tomato Mixtures) & Bake 20 Min. Tossing Occasionally

Remove Veggies & Set Aside

Drissel More Olive Oil Then Toss to Mix Well & Bake 30 or so Additional Minutes Tossing Occasionally Until Tomatoes Have Lost About 3/4 of Their Moisture and a Nice Brown Ring Has Formed Around the Pan. (This sometimes takes a little less time or a little more time depending on the amount of moisture contained in your Fresh Tomatoes)

Remove Rosemary & Bay Leaf

Take a Wooden Spoon & Go Around the Sides & Scrape to Get All of the Carmelized Brown Ring Around the Pan & Mix it into the Sauce.

Pour Mixture into a Sauce Pan & Either Reheat as is (Chunky Style Marinara Sauce) or use a Hand Blender Hand Blender after Mixture Has Cooled a Bit & Mix till Your Sauce is the desired Consistency.

Serve Over the Veggies Set Aside Earlier & or Pasta.

Recipe by California Seed