Lemon Crepes with Strawberry Sauce & Cottage Cheese

Serves: 4

Fun Fast Breakfast! Just Top with Whipped Creme for Quick Desert!

   1 cup yellow (lemon) cake mix
   1/4 cup pancake, waffle mix
   1 cup low fat milk
   2 teaspoons vegetable oil
   2 eggs
   More oil for the pan as you cook
   1/2 cup cottage cheese
   1 cup strawberry sauce

Wisk all the ingredients together. Place pan on medium high flame & put enough oil in bottom so that when you tilt it around it will cover the area that the crepe will be cooking on. Pour enough batter into center of the pan so that when you tilt it around it will leave an even layer. Tilt then let set for a minute to cook. Take a thin spatula and go around the edges to loosen from the pan then go underneath middle of crepe & loosen. Flip crepe and let cook only for a few seconds on second side.
Put on a plate, fill with cottage cheese & strawberry sauce, roll & enjoy!

If making many simply put oven on 200 and stack on a plate until you have cooked all the batter then fill & serve. Want to save for later? Put a piece of waxed paper inbetween each crepe then you can either put in the frig or freezer to use at a later time. They reheat easily in the oven on low or in the micowave.

Recipe by California Seed Company.com