Dinner Straight From the Garden Series

Fresh Tomato Soup Recipe
Dinner Straight From the Garden Series

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A Great Soup as is but it really makes a wonderful base for any meal
that you would normally use campbells soup for.
The only difference is this one actually taste great & is not full of salt!


   2 quarts fresh tomatoes
   2 tsp butter
   2 tbs flour
   1/4 tsp spicy steak seasoning
(or any grill seasoning you happen to have on hand)

   1/8 tsp old bay seasoning black pepper variety
   1/8 tsp crushed red pepper
   1 bay leaf
   2 tsps dried oregano
   1 tsp sugar

Take a 2 quart sauce pan into the garden & put enough fresh picked tomatoes to fill.
Fill a 2 quart sauce pan a bit more than half way with water & bring to a boil.
Drop in tomatoes just for a minute then take out & drop into a bowl of icy water.
Remove the skins & take out the top core around the stem.
Drop tomatoes into a food processor & processes untill smooth even consistency.
(No food processor? Just use a knife & fork or hand beater to whip them up)
Put butter & flour in sauce pan on very low and stir constitantly
for a few minutes untill slightly colored.
Add all the spices except the bay leaf & stir together.
Then Add Tomatoes & bay leaf.
Simmer on low stirring ofter for a half hour or so then enjoy!

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