Dinner Straight From the Garden Series

Crispy Ham & Cheese Chicken
Dinner Straight From the Garden Series

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I Make this at Least Once a Week & Sliced Leftovers Make for a Great Cold Sandwich the Next Day! Use fresh grown spinich or replace with any other type of greens you happen to be growing. I didn't have any chives growing so I used clipped onion tops.


   2 trimmed skinless chicken breasts
   4 slices of ham
   2 eggs slightly whisked
   2 chunks of Peperjack Cheese
   1 dash or 2 of 5 Blend fresh cracked peppercorns
   1 dash or 2 crushed red pepper
   1 dash or 2 curry powder
   1 dash or 2 poultry seasoning

   1 dash or 2 of Lawry's black pepper seasoned salt(optional)
   1 dash fresh clipped rosemary
   1/4 cup flour
   1 1/2 cups Panko or bread brumbs
   6 large fresh spinich leaves
   1 tablespoon of fresh clipped chives
   2 tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese
   1 teaspoon of melted butter
   Pam no stick spray

Set out 3 plates for your dipping station. 1st plate place flour on 2nd plate put panko or bread crumbs on & 3rd plate is for the eggs. Put 1/2 the dried seasonings (Pepper red & black, curry, poultry seasoning, seasoned salt & rosemary) in the flour and 1/2 in the panko. Mix the Parmesan cheese & the melted butter into the panko.

Butterfly Breasts then put between plastic & pound down to even thickness. Place 2 slices of ham evenly across chicken breast then do the same with 3 spinich leaves, sprinkle on 3/4 of the chives. Take the chunk of cheese & put at bottom end on top of all the ingredients then carefully roll around so all the goodies are now inside the chicken breast.

Carefully pick up and roll into flour mixture then into eggs and then into the panko while making sure to hold the seam closed. If you are having trouble keeping the goodies inside you can use toothpicks before starting to do the coating but it is much better if you can do it without as the toothpicks are a hassel to find after it cooks.

Place coated chicken seam side down on a cookie pan that has been misted with pam. I also like to put a bit extra panko directly on the cookie sheet right where the chicken is being placed as extra protection from sticking. Spray top of chicken with a bit of pam then let in sit in the frig for at least 30 minutes so the coating will stick better.

Preheat oven for 10 minutes on 350. Put chicken in for 15 minutes turn and cook for an additional 10 to 15 minutes. Let rest for about 5 minutes before serving so the cheese doesn't run out all over your plate when you cut into it!

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