Fresh Cut Barbecue Rosemary for Sale

Available All Year Long!
Fresh Cut Culinary Rosemary for Sale
  • All Natural Fresh Cut Barbecue Rosemary Grown with No Pesticides or Chemical Fertilizers
  • Commonly Used Under Fish or Chicken on the Barbecue for Flavor & to Reduce Sticking
  • Same Flavor as Culinary Rosemary but Not As Strong
  • Leaves are Much More Subtle and Fleshy Than Culinary Rosemary & Can Be Used Fresh!
  • Makes a Great Gift for the Gourmet in Your Life

1 Ounce of Fresh Cut Barbecue Rosemary on Stem Harvested & Shipped the Day of Your Order. Looks Just Like Culinary Rosemary but Looks are Deceiving. This Rosemary is Not as Strong with Much Softer Fleshy Leaves Than the Very Hard Brittle Leaves of the Culinary Type. It is Used Very Differently & Does Not Dry Well. The Fresh Stems Can Be Put Under Any Meat That Tends to Stick to the Barbecue Grill. Especially Nice for Fish to Not Only Stop Sticking but Also to Stop Pieces From Falling Into the Grill. By the Time the Rosemary Burns Away Your Food is Wonderfully Flavored & Almost Ready to Eat! It is Often Used Finely Chopped in Salad Dressings, Dips & Sauces.

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This Product is Only Shipped in the Continental United States

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