Pencil Cactus Cutting also known as the Pencil Tree, Finger Tree, Euphorbia Tirucalli, or Milkbush for Sale

Available All Year Long!
Pencil Cactus Cuttings for Sale
  • Hardy Drought Tolerant Plant that Withstands Hot Temperatures & Enjoys Full Sun
  • Native to the Tropical Parts of Africa and India & Can Grow to 30 Feet Tall!
  • Striking Sculptural Centerpiece for Any Succulent Garden
  • Can be Grown as a Container Plant For Many Years with a Bit of Prunning
  • Makes a Great Gift for the Gardner in Your Life

4 cuttings 8 to 10 inches long of the Pencil Cactus also Known as the Pencil Tree, Euphorbia Tirucalli, or Milkbush. This Striking Succulent has Fleshy Pencil Like Stems with Tiny Leaves on the Ends of the New Growth but No Needles. It's Very Easy to Grow, Hardy, Drought Tolerant, Withstands Hot Temperatures & Enjoys Full Sun. If left Unprunned it is Know to Grow up to 30 Feet Tall! Take Care When Prunning the Pencil Cactus as the Sap May Cause Skin Irritation. When planting the cutting, dip the cut end in RooToneŽ or other root hormone with fungicide. Plant it shallow in sand or perlite mixed with potting soil as good drainage is necessary. Stake the cutting for support or place it against the side of the container for additional support while forming roots. Water sparingly but keep the soil moist. Place the cutting in strong or full sunlight. Bottom heat by placing the container on sun-baked concrete can help promote faster root formation and growth.


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