Loquat Seeds
For Sale
Fertile and Ready to Plant

Loquat Seeds For Sale Fertile and Ready to Plant
  • All Natural Loquat Seeds grown with No Pesticides or Chemical Fertilizers
  • Hardy with few pests, Withstands Hot Temps & Enjoys Full Sun
  • Fruits best in Tropical to Sub-Tropical Climates Zones 8 Through 11
  • Eaten Fresh or Used in Cocktails and many Gourmet Recipes
  • Makes a Great Gift for the Gardner in Your Life!

Loquats usually bloom in the fall and fruit in early spring. However, in tropical climates, the tree may flower 2 or 3 times a year beginning in July and set fruit mainly from the second flowering. In Florida, ripening begins in February; in California, usually in April; in Israel, the crop ripens from March to May. In Brazil, the harvesting extends from May to October.To enhance fruit size thin flowers & young fruits in the clusters, or clip off of the tip of the cluster of flowers. The mature loquat tree can withstand temperatures of 10 degrees without serious injury, but both flowers and fruit are killed at temperatures below about 27.

Loquats grow best in soils that have good internal drainage and are relatively non-saline. Soil pH does not seem to matter, as the trees grow equally well in the acid soils or alkaline soils.

Peeled and seeded loquats are eaten fresh, sometimes combined with sliced banana, orange sections and grated coconut. They are delicious simply stewed with a little sugar added. The fruits are also used in gelatin desserts or as pie-filling, or are chopped and cooked as a sauce. Try spiced loquats simmered with cloves, cinnamon, lemon and vinegar. The fruit is also made into jam and, when slightly underripe, has enough pectin to make jelly. Also is used to make a wonderful wine.


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