Macadamia Nut Tree Care & General Information

Tree Features: Fruit, Fragrant Flowers, Shade Tree, Reproduction.
Uses: Nut Production, Shade Tree, Wind Block, Sweet Wood Chips, Dry Leaves=Carbon.
Macadamia: Low-Branching, Round Headed Tree which is Covered Each Spring with Long Sprays of Delicate White or Pink Flowers.
Fruit: Green, Small, Round, Edible Nut, which Tastes Like a Brazil Nut but has a Milder Butter Like Flavor. Macadamia Trees Grow Very Slowly and Should be Planted in the Garden where Other Trees Will Supply the Necessary Landscape Features While it is Maturing. Too Much Sun Too Soon Will Kill Young Trees. The Tree is Quite Sensitive To Cold and Dry Heat, Should be Considered for Use Only in Mild or Subtropical Areas. Nuts Tend to Drop During Hot or Windy Conditions.
Harvesting: Nuts are Ready When They Fall. A Custom Pole Can be Made to Scoop Nuts off the Ground to Avoid Bending Over Hundreds of Times!
Configuration: Height=25 to 30 Feet as Large as 50 Feet. Wow! Spread=20 to 30 Feet. An Erect, Low-Branching, Round Headed Tree of Dense Habit and Folage, which Often has a Mutiple Trunk. The Leaves are Simple Arranged in Whorls of 3 or 4, and entire to irregularly spined, 5 to 12 inches long and 1 to 2 inches wide. They are Bright Green. Leathery, Smooth, and Lustrous, they somewhat Resemble a Elongated Holly Leaves, and Have Sharpe Points Making Clean Up Without Gloves Difficult and Sometimes Painful!
Flowers: Small white or pink flowers are in pairs on racemes nearly a foot long. Scent is very sweet almost honey like. When in full bloom our tree actually hums because it's so full of bees!
Fruit: The round edible nuts measure 1 to 1 and a quarter inches in diameter. Each is enclosed in a hard dark green leathery husk. The meat of the nut is rich buttery and white. Edible nuts only mature and fill out in subtropical climates. Nuts are ripe when they fall from the tree. Most trees start to bear fruit at 4 to 6 years of age.

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